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Joy Eslava

Joy Eslava

Joy Madrid, Eslava Theather. Madrid's nightlife reference disco that was born in the 80's, years that was called as "La movida MadrileƱa". Nightlife temple, placed in the capital historical center, across it doors passed many famous visitors and personalities. Movie actors and directors, soccer players, singers, top models, coreographers, fashion dessigners, bulfighters, royalty and all people that wants to spent an authentic night inside the most international important disco in town. Open 365 days.

Althrought this app, can see our ambience, listen our music, and be reported of all parties, in our different sesions. You can connect with us to reserve an unforgettable night at one of our booked tables and share all with us and with your friends.

- EVENTS - You can search for all our sesions, parties and obtain special promotions and benefits using our e-flyer from this app.
- PHOTOS - Connect with our clients public photo album, if our photographer took you in a photo, here, you can serch for it, tag, and share with your friends by social media tools or save it to your stuff.
- MUSIC - All weeks we share our residents and guest dj's best music. Share our music with your friends.
- VIDEOS - YouTube channel integration, where you can see our best HD videos recorded at Joy Eslava, our spots, and the live concerts that you wants to see.
- BUYING - Buy our tickets or book a table with special bottles by your phone. -- It's required a PayPal active account.
- MAP - If you are lost... We place you on your Smartphone. -- Making easily you coming.
- FACEBOOK AND TWITTER - Share and connect with us and your friends from this app. Tell them where are you and how are you. Are you having joy?
- MESSAGES - We'll write you monthly with very interesting offers and discounts that you can only get by this message folder.
- CONTACT - Give us your feddback, be on contact with us. We'll be pleased helping you and read your message.

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