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Promotion Coupons

Create different types of promotions: 2×1, discounts, something for free. Limit the number of coupons; send a push-notification to your App users and they can claim a coupon while stocks last. Once in your venue they redeem the coupon by showing it on their phone screen to venue’s staff. The staff members will simply press the ‘redeem’ button and the coupon will be redeemed without the user being able to claim it again or pass it on. Simple but bomb-proof. In your App management you can track every promotion: number of coupons released, number claimed and number redeemed.

Photo Albums

The photo section on your APP is managed by linking your venue’s Facebook page; all albums will appear and will be automatically updated if you upload new photos. From the admin panel you can tick off any albums you don’t want to show on your APP.


The event calendar on your APP is managed by linking your venue’s Facebook page; all events will appear and will be automatically updated when you create new events. From the admin panel you can activate ticket sales for any event; automatically the ‘buy tickets’ button will appear so that customers can buy them straight from your APP. You can also use this feature to create guest lists. See the ‘list’ feature.

Push notifications

Send as many notifications as you wish, for free. Include an image: the flyer or poster of the event. Users wil receive the message just like an SMS or Whatsup. In your App there’s a message section that lists all notifications of the last month.


Show any video you like in your venue’s APP. In the admin just link your YouTube channel and automatically all your videos will show up.

Ticket sales

Your customers can buy tickets straight from the venue’s APP, paying with their credit cards (Visa, American Expres, Mastercard) or PayPal. In your admin panel you only need to link a PayPal account (creating one is free) on which you will receive inmediately the revenue from each sale. No commissions charged by AppDaClub; you will only pay the creditcard commission (3,5%) and PayPal’s transaction fee (0,35€ per transaction). You will receive an email when a sale is made and in your admin you can see all the sales, buyer info, etc…

Interactive map

One of the most used functions of an APP: helps your customers find your venue´s location from anywhere.


Here’s where your contact data shows: the address of the venue and links to the website and mail. Users can also send messages straight from the App that you will receive in your mailbox.